Let us create the out door living space of your dreams!

Lets Get Social!

What Can DECKS ONLY ® Do For You!


"Form Follows Function" but shouldn't take a back seat! ...work with us to creatively design the deck of your dreams. Given a little effort, your Deck can be designed to be functional, beautiful and adaptable as your lifestyle may require and your pocketbook may dictate and become an asset and added value to your home!

We Will Assist You With Deck Design/Planning - as we have many others - in this most important "Product selection and Design phase" of the project providing relevant information to make well-informed decisions. We bring knowledgeable "hands on experience" having designed and built many beautiful, durable, low maintenance decks and are patient and skilled in helping you to express your specific needs and desires in order to help us put your plan to paper - and priced within your budget. It is essential to do this design planning - because what you agree on, is what you'll get on build-out!...Now is the time, to invest the time.

Functionality: Sized and designed for the purpose intended and normal usage considering: Dining & Cooking areas, Egress, Seating, Stairs, Access Doors onto the deck, Built-in Benches, Hot Tubs, access and proximity to a pool, Handicapped Ramps, etc.

Let DECKS ONLY® Create Inviting Functional Gathering Places - as simple or elegant as you desire!
  • For Cooking Aficionados: Barbecue Stations; arguably, the single most desired reason to have a deck is the all American Barbecue to enjoy the company of one's family and friends (don't forget the Cooktops & Brick Ovens).
  • Bar/Drink & "Prep" Center; with granite, tile, stone, stainless steel, or various other durable attractive outdoor countertop materials. For food preparation and presentation and can include a bar, sink, gas cook top, refrigerator, beer keg dispensers, etc.
  • Fireplace/Fire-Pit; nothing like a cold night snuggled around a cozy outdoor wood or gas burning fire; design and scope, only limited to your imagination!
  • Gazebos; Hardscape Projects; Ponds Pools/Spas ;Hot Tubs; Benches; Trellis'; Storage.
  • Lighting, Power, Gas & Water - not to be overlooked; "Lighting" extends usage & brings your Deck to life at night. "Power"-Radio, Coffee Pot, Blender, etc. "Gas"-Barbecue, Lights, Heaters. "Water" – Cooking & Cleaning.
Your Deck - an Extension of your house – Think of your deck as an outdoor room to enjoy your Free Time with family and friends to entertain, party, relax or hang loose - maybe just do nothing! A place to escape from the humdrum to the area your present mood or needs require or want it to be – with foresight to be designed, enjoyed and adaptable as your lifestyle may require and your pocketbook may permit.