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Pergolas & Arbors add grounding aesthetics to any garden or deck as well as providing a shady respite. Most Arbors are free standing in nature, although, they can be attached at one end to a home. In this case is known as a Pergola. Early Design concepts used Pergolas as a way to shade a walkway. Pergolas and Arbors have grown into a key design element offering an intimate space over a Hot-Tub or possibly a way to create a natural shade with Wisteria or Honeysuckle vines.

Materials at hand are endless; some considerations in selection should focus on some key areas.

  • Overall Design Concept
  • Architectural Elements Of Your Home
  • Landscaping
  • New or Existing Decking

Pergolas & Arbors can be built out of an array of materials.
Selection can be based on factors such as, longevity, Environmental, Structural and maintenance issues.
  • Cedar
  • Ipe (Tropical Hardwoods)
  • Cellular PVC ( Azek)
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Sustainable design and construction - are at the forefront of offering from Decks Only.

Let us not only bring your vision to life let; let's transform your backyard today.